We know that making the decision to get a divorce is very difficult. But the
process of going forward with your life doesn't have to be.  Our sole purpose
is to assist divorcing couples in making decisions about dividing their assets,
determining where their children will spend their time and what their future will
look like in the most civilized and dignified manner possible. This approach
helps minimize the trauma to you and your children.

A Civilized Alternative

Kathryn E. Durnell, Certified Family Mediator

(407) 590-6015
Here are some other key reasons that divorce mediation might be a better fit
for you over traditional litigation:
●Flat fees only                    ●No retainers
●Free phone consultation     ●Equal participation
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Our services are designed for individuals who are getting a divorce on a
pro se basis ( the technical legal term for someone who is not
represented by an attorney). We can help you whether you have filed for
divorce or not.
And, unlike many court proceedings and records,
mediation sessions are protected by confidentiality rules that help protect
your privacy.
Orlando Divorce Mediation is conveniently located and serves Orlando and all of
Central Florida including: downtown Orlando, Baldwin Park, Winter Park, Casselberry,
Winter Springs, Oveido, Waterford Lakes and East Orlando.
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